A feature to perform certain actions on the device when the device is inside and or outside a predetermined area.

Geofence can be done flexibly with polygonal, not only in a circle or square shape.

The device can be associated with more than one area.

  • On the side bar, select Geofences, then the following screen will appear and select Add on the top right. Add Geofences

  • To make a Draw Polygon you can select Draw a Polygon on the top right of the map. Draw Polygon useful for determining the boundary coordinates of a group. If a device leaves the predetermined geofence coordinate area, the device will get a notification. Draw Polygon

  • To save the geofence press Update, if successful it will appear in a list like the following. Success Add Geofences

  • Done, here is for the video tutorial:

Device Maps
  • Displays the location of all devices in a map.
  • Also displays geofence area information that has been registered on the server.
  • There is a list of device information and can be clicked to view / move the folder to that device. Detail Maps