Vanguard EMM

Vanguard Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is cloud-based management suite that companies use to secure and manage business apps and other business content on mobile phones and tablets.

IT department uses the Vanguard EMM console to set security and management rules. Vanguard also equipped with remote support tools to help troubleshooting users problem.

Vanguard available for all of three corporate own devices (COBO - Corporate Own Business Only) , employee devices (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device) and work profile in corporate device (WPCOD - Work Profile Company Owned Devices) .

Vanguard platform has integration interface all of three pull (using REST API) and push (using Webhook) thus applicable to fulfill customer specific requirements and support unlimited business use cases.

Vanguard EMM also listed and validated as part of Google Android Enterprise ecosystem. You can find more detail here.