Maintenance Mode

Vanguard has a Maintenance Mode feature that can be used to change settings directly when the device is not operating normally due to several things such as internet problems and date errors on the device.

Maintenance Mode will be active for 5 minutes and it is expected that the user will complete the repair within that 5 minute period. When the time is up, the device will automatically restore the previous security settings.

Steps to use Maintenance Mode
  • Contact your Admin regarding your device problem
  • On your device, open the Vanguard app and press IMEI NUMBER the exact and fast 5 times.
  • A 6-digit numeric code will appear. Give the IMEI of the Device and the 6 digit code to your admin.
  • On the device enter the numeric code provided by the admin and press the Verify & Proceed button.
  • If the numeric code is correct, the user can automatically make changes to the settings. The notification section also displays a timer which indicates the remaining time in Maintenance Mode.
Here are the video details