Unmanage Offline

Vanguard has an Unmanage Offline feature that can be used to unmanage a device when the device has internet problems.

Steps for Using Unmanage Offline
  • Contact your Admin regarding your device problem
  • On your device, open the Vanguard app and press VANGUARD VERSION precisely and quickly 5 times.
  • Select the unmanage type.

    Unmanage Type

    • Factory Reset reset device
    • Revoke Manage Device removes vanguard applications and policies used including applications that have been managed.

  • For convenience, select Factory Reset
  • A 6-digit numeric code will appear. Give the IMEI Device and the 6 digit code to your Admin.
  • Enter the numeric code provided by your admin and press the Factory Reset button. This numeric code serves as the Unmanage Offline validation authentication.
  • If the numeric code is correct the device automatically performs a factory reset.
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