Manage Device Passwords


Device password settings, if enabled, the device will apply a password according to the value set by the user according to the password criteria that have been set on the dashboard.

  • To manage passwords, you can go to the menu Manager, then right click on the group to be managed then select Manage. Manage Group
  • Then the following screen will appear, then select the tab Main -> Device Password. On options Password Policy select the password criteria that will be used.

No password requirements.


Require biometric authentication.

Any Passcode

Require passcode with no specification.


Require passcode with numeric characters.

Numeric Complex

Require passcode with numeric characters, no repetitive and ordered.


Require passcode contain alphabetic (or symbol) characters.


Require passcode contain at least a letter, and a numerical digit


Require passcode contain at least a letter, a numerical digit and a special symbol.

Enforce Password

Will force device using password that already define in portal.

Criteria Password

Example using Numeric criteria
  • Choose a password policy Numeric
Password Enforcement Grace Periode (0-7) Days

Numbers of days to enforce password policy before notification given for incompliance.

History Length

After setting this field, the user won't be able to enter a new password that is the same as any password in the history.

Password Numeric

  • Then press the Update button then a notification will appear on the device to create a password according to the criteria set on the dashboard.