Tab Main

To manage group name, management mode, workspace password and device password.

Manage Group Page

  • Group name is required
  • Management mode there are 3 options,
Corporate/Fully Manage
Corporate apps, data, and management policies are restricted to the work profile, keeping them secure and separate from personal data while maintaining user privacy.
BYOD/Work Profile
The work profile solution set is intended for BYOD devices, allowing admins to manage a self-contained work profile on a user's personal device.
WPCOD/Work Profile Company Owned Devices
WPCOD that allows users to use their devices for personal purposes on company devices. Applications, data, and company management policies are restricted to work profiles, keeping them safe and separate from personal data while preserving user privacy.
  • Workspace password & Device password
No password requirements.
Require biometric authentication.
Any Passcode
Require passcode with no specification.
Require passcode with numeric characters.
Numeric Complex
Require passcode with numeric characters, no repetitive and ordered.
Require passcode contain alphabetic (or symbol) characters.
Require passcode contain at least a letter, and a numerical digit
Require passcode contain at least a letter, a numerical digit and a special symbol.
Enforce Password
Will force device using password that already define in portal.
Password Enforcement Grace Periode (0-7) Days
Numbers of days to enforce password policy before notification given for incompliance.
History Length
After setting this field, the user won't be able to enter a new password that is the same as any password in the history.