Lock and Unlock Device

Vanguard has a Lock and Unlock feature that allows you to easily lock and unlock with a graphical user interface (GUI). This feature is used when a person does something against the company’s rules while using the device. If the device is lost, the feature locks it and keeps the company’s data safe. This feature helps users follow the company’s rules and prevents theft by allowing them to add a title and content to their messages. If someone tries to steal the device, it can be returned to the rightful owner. You can also unlock your device through the Vanguard portal. This feature can only be accessed by the admin or the person who manages the devices.

Steps to Use Lock and Unlock
  • Enter the Vanguard dashboard and open the user’s device details page and on the device details page press the button Lock and Unlock


  • Click lock button on the device details page.

Lock Reason

  • Give the message title and message content to inform the user.
Locked Device
  • This is the preview of locked device.


  • To Unlock just click unlock button.