Work Profile Company Owned Devices (WPCOD)

To manage the device can be done by:

  • Through the menu Device List, then the following screen will appear and double click on the device to be managed, for example, you want to manage the device Xcover 5.

Device List

  • Then it will be redirected to a detail page about the Xcover 5 device as follows.

Manage Device


Instruct the device to connect to the server now. The server will create a task and the device will execute it directly, including device information, policy, etc.


The features for unmanage from MDM and all application data on that device will be deleted

Update Vanguard

Update the vanguard application if there is a new application

Remote View

Remote view using the GUI

Maintenance Mode

Make changes to settings directly when the device is not operating normally due to several things such as internet problems and the wrong device date.

Reset Password

Change the new password and the device will immediately be locked with a new password

Ring Device

To ring device in maximum sound

Send Alert

Send Alert to device with title and content

Show Notification

Send notification to device with title and content

Device Info

Contains information about the device, one of which is hardware & software inventory.


Contains information on applications that have been installed and have been installed on the device


- Displays the latest device information and device history in a day.
- Displays a list of time location information retrieval, can be clicked to see the location point at that time.
- Displays geofence information attached to the device.
- Displays information (color difference) when the device is outside the geofence area.

Location History
Data Usage

Displays information on the total usage of wifi & mobile data (today or based on range of days) as well as a detailed list of total usage per application.

Data Usage
Screen Time

This is feature to see application screentime in daily average especially can see what application most open of the time also can show screen time range and export screen time to csv.

Device Performance

This feature to see performance of devices starting from CPU, RAM, Storage, Temperature also can show device performance range.


Contains a list of tasks that are assigned to a device which includes when the task was created, when the task was finished and its status.

Remote Terminal

Remote terminal with CLI (Command Line Interface)

File Manager

Manage files that will ap, remove, upload, download to device