Unmanage Offline

Vanguard has an Unmanage Offline feature that can be used to unmanage a device when the device has internet problems.

Use Steps Unmanage Offline
  • Contact your admin regarding your device problem
  • On your device, open the Vanguard app and press VANGUARD VERSION precisely and quickly 5 times and there is any 2 options to unmanage offline.
  • Factory Reset/Wipe Device :
Tap Vanguard Version
  • Only remove vanguard : Tap Vanguard Version

  • A code in 6-digit numeric format will appear. Give the IMEI Device and the 6 digit code to your admin.

  • The administrator enters the Vanguard dashboard website and opens the user’s device detail page and on the device detail page press button Unmanage Offline.

Unmanage Offline

  • Admin enters the 6 digit code in the input Code Device -> Generate

Code From Device

  • Then a numeric code will appear, for example the following. Provide the following numeric code to the user who uses the device. This numeric code serves as the Unmanage Offline validation authentication.

Unlock Code

  • On the device enter the numeric code and press the button Factory Reset.
Unlock Code From Dashboard
  • If the numeric code is correct the device automatically performs a factory reset.