Remote Terminal

Perform remote control with CLI (Command Line Interface)

Steps to Use Remote Terminal
  • Administrators login Vanguard dashboard and go to the user’s device details page and on the device details page select the tab Remote Control

Remote Control

  • In order to connect with the remote device, type connect on the terminal.


  • Some of the commands used after the device is connected are as follows:
Showed list of command available in remote terminal
Disconnecting remote terminal
To see what is inside in current directory
mkdir [directory]
example : mkdir /sdcard/some_folder
vg -rswv
Provides background service action of vanguard like clear pending download queue,restart background service, terminate vanguard application, show vanguard version and clear all worker
mv [current directory] [new directory]
example : mv /storage/emulated/0/file_name.txt /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/
To move a file to other directory
remove [directory]
example : remove /storage/emulated/0/file_name.txt
To remove file or folder
To show current directory you are in
touch [file_name]
example : touch file_name.txt
To create a file in current directory
unzip -z [directory]
example : unzip -z /Download/
To unzip Zip file to a given directory
zip -i [file directory] -o [file directory]
example : zip -i /DCIM/screenshots/file_name.txt -o Download/file_name
To zip file or folder from directory given by user
alert -t [alert_title] [alert message]
example : alert -t Test This_is_message
To show an alert dialog in device
cd [directory]
example : cd /sdcard/
Change directory
get [url]
example : get
Download apk using vanguard application method
example : info -a
To show imei, device is root / not, battery, storage, storage, network
Provides notification on the device
To delete files on the device
Uninstall apps on the device
Download files from remote server to device
action [package-name] -start
Give commands to the device to open an application
To display log messages on the device
Send SMS from device to a declared phone number
Upload a file from device to portal